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Dividend Investing

Cutler’s foundation is built on a history of institutional asset management. Since our founding, we have managed active investment strategies as both separately managed accounts and now as a mutual fund. We believe that dividends the most important indicator of an equities value. We look for consistency of dividend payments for the equities in our active Equity Income strategy.
Whether you are an asset allocator, another Registered Investment Advisor, or a broker-dealer, we invite you to reach out to our team to learn more about our active equity approach.

Our Commitment to You

Discipline. As institutional investors, Cutler believes that clients deserve disciplined advisors. For equities, this means adherence to the process initially developed by Ken Cutler. Yes, markets have changed, but dividends matter. Risk matters. We continue to manage our proprietary strategy using Mr. Cutler’s investment approach and view ourselves as stewards of his philosophy. For fixed income, institutional advisors need to understand the client’s constraints, identify the appropriate benchmark, and create portfolios within these parameters that meet the Cutler team’s investment outlook. Our commitment is to be disciplined in our adherence to our process and client guidelines.

Research. Understanding why a certain decision is made is a fundamental criteria for a sound investment. We believe in having a fundamental basis and investment thesis behind every portfolio decision. We use a top-down, macro-economic, lens to structure client portfolios. Individual positions are identified using a criteria based, bottom-up, approach for individual security selection. Portfolio construction should not be an art; we believe it should be more of a science.

Team. At Cutler, we believe that, “Institutions don’t manage money. People do.” We take great pride in the experience, education, and background of our team. We continue to build upon this great foundation, growing our team’s expertise and investment experience. Our strength is our diversity of thought and our ability to form consensus using these different points of view.


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